Sunday, August 06, 2006

Toby on Corner

Wow, thanks for all the kind comments!

The quilt really isn't as big as that picture made it look, here's a picture of Toby laying next to another of my corner jogs, for scale.

You get the impression of size, I think, because there's so many of the little nine patch blocks - but they're only 6 inches square. The quilter's eye is fooled because you want to make the blocks 12 inches square, which really WOULD make this a huge top. As it is, it's 96 x 120, which is what I computed for a queen size spread with a pillow tuck at the top.


Linda_J said...

96 x 120 is still pretty big but knowing that the blocks are 6 inch finished explains it. I guess I was thinking they were at least 10 or 12 inches.

Bonnie said...

Toby looks like he is saying, "Don't you dare touch my quilt!"

quiltpixie said...

Try not to stitch toby's tail to your quit K? :-)

Tonya R said...

I was trying to hand quilt yesterday and Lily had to sit in my lap UNDER the quilt. Now she's on my lap as I sit at the computer - much easier to manage.

Anyway, sweet boy, fun quilt. As far as I'm concerned 96 x 120 is HUGE. I hate working that large.

I'd actually considered your idea of randomly stuffing the cats in their carriers and taking them out for a drive, but didn't know if that would just make them increasingly neurotic... I need this to get easier, not harder.

Finn said...

The quilt looks fabulous Jane!!! What a grand undertaking and it turned out soooo well! to get it back from the furry friends..LOL
Great pictures..Hugs, Finn

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